Hello, I’m Christine the ‘Kitty Sitter’. Welcome to my website. Please allow me to talk you through my service and the many benefits of hiring the Kitty Sitter.

As every cat lover knows our feline friends love their home comforts and familiar surroundings. My service means that your pet stays at home with as little disruption as possible to their established routine. I will make pre-arranged visits to your cat, you decide how many visits per day your cat will require to attend to all the usual business of feeding and litter tray cleaning. When it comes to cuddles, playing and company your cat will let me know his or her expectations on that score!

For example a young cat that loves to play and enjoys interaction will love the exciting toys that aunty Christine brings along in her bag of goodies. Other cats may just like the fact that someone is around for a while rather than direct contact, in this instance I may bring along a good book and just stay for a time quietly reading.

Catteries are great places that strive to provide a homely, welcoming atmosphere for your pet and for the more confident cat they can be ideal. However not all cats cope well with the upheaval of being moved from place to place. Indeed even the sight of the cat basket has most cats running for cover. For some of our pets the travelling and unfamiliar surroundings can bring on stress related illnesses. Remember too that puss has no way of knowing that this change of circumstances is just temporary and that you will be back in a week or two to pick him up.

Another point for consideration is that of the outdoor cat. If your cat goes out and about and you live in an area with a high population of cats the competition for territory will be fairly intense. Your pets’ absence may result in a loss of territory. Upon returning home he or she may then have to fight off intruders to regain their patch. These conflicts can be very distressing with severe fight wounds often necessitating veterinary treatment. Again all very stressful for your pet and those vet bills can be very expensive.

Is your puss a bit portly? Sadly obesity is not restricted to the human population, more and more of our pets are becoming heavier and unhealthier. As a result weight related illnesses are becoming more common in our pets. A ‘kitty keep fit’ session will help to manage your cats weight, alleviate boredom for indoor cats and hopefully prevent some of the more prevalent weight related conditions. I will bring a selection of interesting toys to gently encourage your cat to move around more. We’re talking jumping, stretching, pouncing & chasing. Basically all the things that your cat may or may not do presently but with the emphasis on fun and exercise. Think of me as a personal trainer for your pet. I accept that it may take some persuasion and that some of our more disdainful feline friends will turn up their noses at the thought of playing but with persistence and gentle encouragement we can re awaken their ‘inner kitty’. In turn leading to better health and a longer happier life for your pet.

Alongside kitty keep fit I also offer Reiki. I qualified as a second degree Reiki practitioner in 2010 and can perform both human and animal treatments. Reiki is a gentle non-invasive, energy balancing treatment and is a wonderful stress reliever.



Do you have an elderly family member who may be struggling with the day to day care of their cat? The kitty sitter is here to help. I can provide pop in visits to assist with feeding, litter tray cleaning and routine flea & worming treatments. For animals on long term medication I usually offer a medication trial to see if puss will tolerate taking their medicine from a stranger. I believe that pets are more than just good company, they help to keep us sound in mind and body. It can be enormously distressing for both the owner and pet when they can no longer manage alone. The cat may need to be uprooted and rehomed, very stressful for the cat and the elderly owner will suffer due to the loss of their friend. Please contact me to arrange a care package that will suit all concerned.

As a lifelong cat lover and having worked for several years as an Animal Care Assistant at a local veterinary practice, I have a fairly broad knowledge and understanding of the ways of our kitty companions. I can offer advice on certain behavioural problems and I’m happy to help in any way possible and if I can’t help I’m sure I will know someone who can.

Security of your home is very important, we simply cannot be too careful who we let into our homes these days. With this in mind I became a member of The National Association of Registered Petsitters this means that I am fully insured and police checked.

Thank you for visiting the Kitty Sitter site, please feel free to contact me and if you are looking ahead to book holidays ask about my advance booking discounts.


"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for looking after our 3 precious kitties while we were away on holiday for a fortnight. When our relative was no longer able to look after our cats in our home due to their own ill health we thought our days of jet setting off on our twice yearly trips abroad to the sun or our little weekend hotel breaks away were a thing of the past as there was no way we would ever put our cats into a Cattery, as good as some of them are. Your service was recommended to us and, having used your kitty sitting services for over a year now, I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone considering this type of kitty care.As you are aware, one of our cats in particular would not survive in a Cattery as he is extremely nervous and that fact that he can stay in his own home is fantastic. The other two just love the toys you bring and take great pleasure in showing off any new toys when we return from holiday with a "look what Aunty Christine brought us" attitude. Thank you for spending time playing with them which is just as important as feeding and litter tray duty. I know our cats are truly appreciative and enjoy your visits.The other bonus to your visits is that our house looks occupied as you open and close blinds etc. which is important in making the house look occupied while we are away and gives us a sense of security. The other thing that is great is that you don't mind us texting every few days to check our little kitties are doing okay, although I know they are and you would let us know if there was any problems.So many thanks from both us and our kitties and we look forward to your next visit. " – Liz & John

"I always use Christine to care for my two cats Brill and Bart. I have total confidence that they get well fed but also lots of love and cuddles. My brother popped in to see my cats during our 3 week holiday this month and found them wrapped around her on the sofa receiving attention and love that they missed because we weren't there. He was full of praise. This is not a surprise, Christine is dependable, devoted and a terrific person so I recommend her to anyone who wants to know their cat is getting more than just being fed!." – Helen

Telephone - 07715 449 891  E-mail: christine@kitty-sitter.co.uk